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Spring 2004

spacer For the Spring semester 2004, the schedule of the monthly meetings and invited presentations at OpNeAR Lab is the following (Please check again for updates):
Presentation Title
February 20, 2004 4:00 pm ECSN #2.110 Puja Kumar A General Purpose Simulator for Wireless and Sensor Networks
      Sudhakar Pitchumani Analysis of a Threshold-Based QoS Mechanism in a Multi-Class WDM Network
March 19, 2004 4:00 pm ECSN #2.110 Zsolt Pandi Impact of OXC Failures on Network Reliability
      Prasanna Krishnamoorthy The LightRing - Evolution from simulations to hardware;
April 9, 2004 4:00 pm ECSN TBD Kishore Gadhiraju  

Presentation Abstracts

spacer Friday, February 20, 2004 - 4:00 pm - room ECSN 2.110

A General Purpose Simulator for Wireless and Sensor Networks
Speaker: Puja Gupta

This presentation will give an overview of the sensor network simulator that has been designed to study different characteristics of sensor networks such as the access protocols, power models and routing protocols. It is a general purpose, event driven simulator that can also be used to study wireless and ad-hoc networks. The presentation will include a brief overview of sensor networks, details about the implementation, protocols for sensor networks and future directions of work

spacer Analysis of a Threshold-Based QoS Mechanism in a Multi-Class WDM Network
Speaker: Sudhakar Pitchumani

One of the important QoS metrics in circuit switched WDM networks is the connection blocking probability. Service classes with different priorities have to be differentiated based on their blocking probabilities. In this presentation, a new Threshold-Based mechanism for providing QoS among connections with different priorities is proposed. An analyical model for the proposed mechanism is developed based on the celebrated Erlang's Reduced Load Approximation method. The simulation results show that the proposed mechanism differentiates service classes successfully and also agree well with the results of the analytical model.

spacer Friday, April 19, 2004 - 4:00 pm - room ECSN 2.110

Impact of OXC Failures on Network Reliability
Speaker: Zsolt Pandi

The presentation focuses on the impact of OXC equipment failure on online end-to-end optical circuit provisioning in WDM networks. A selection of representative OXC architectures combined with different switching technologies is assessed with respect to their influence on network level reliability.

At the node level, the equipment reliability is calculated using proven component level reliability models that are tailored to represent the selected OXC architectures. At the network level, end-to-end optical circuits are provisioned using various levels of reliability, thus providing network Differentiated Reliability. The shared path protection (SPP) switching scheme is considered for best resource-efficient service provisioning. Simulation results are used to compare the selected OXC architectures in terms of both network blocking probability of incoming circuit requests and OXC cost. The results that will be presented will be published in the proceedings of Photonics Europe conference to be held April 2004.

spacer The LightRing - Evolution from simulations to hardware
Speaker: Prasanna Krishnamoorthy

The LightRing architecture, developed at the OpNeAR lab., is now into the next stage of its evolution! After having been studied extensively, though simulations and analytical models, the LightRing is going to be implemented as a test network - with optics, electronics and software.

Multiple nodes are going to be built, with the optics and electronics built in Brazil (CpqD), software and electronics design from UTD, and middleware from Nortel.

This presentation will describe the goals, tasks to be done, and the current status. This project has seen a large amount of collaboration with technically and geographically diverse teams. We hope that the lessons learnt will help improve future collaborations.

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