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spacer OpNeAR Lab has to its credit many innovative and pathbreaking concepts that it has used in various projects. Every project is viewed as a challenge and every challenge is seen as a potential breakthrough. This fuels the Lab to innovate and develop new networking solutions. Some of the ongoing projects in OpNeAR Lab are listed below and span across different networking areas. These projects are sponsored by Federal funding agencies, corporate and international sponsors.
spacer NeTS: Large: UltraFlow (Formerly HyperFlow): A Hybrid IP/Optical Flow Network Architecture
National Science Foundation NSF-CNS-CSE
from 8.10.2011 to 8.10.2015
spacer Overlay Network for Media Content Delivery
Corporate Sponsor
from 07.01.2009 to 8.31.2009
spacer NIST Net Based Wired and Wireless Network Emulator
Corporate Sponsor
from 09.01.2008 to 04.30.2009
spacer The PlaNet-OTN Module: a Double Layer Design Tool for Optical Transport Networks
Corporate Sponsor
from 01.01.2008 to 11.30.2008
spacer The PlaNet-PTN Module: a Single Layer Design Tool for Packet Transport Networks
Corporate Sponsor
from 07.23.2007 to 04.30.2008
spacer NeTS-NR: Collaborative Research: High-Speed Self-Configuring Networks Based on Cost-Effective Plug-and-Play Optical (PPO) Nodes
National Science Foundation NSF-CISE-CNS
from 10.01.2004 to 9.30.2008
spacer NeTS - NR: Protocols and Algorithms for Cooperative Wireless Networks
National Science Foundation NSF-CISE-CNS
from 10.01.2004 to 9.30.2008
spacer Local Recovery under Multiple Risk Networks
Corporate Sponsor
from 01.01.2004 to 12.31.2004
spacer Implementation of the LightRing Demonstrator
Corporate Sponsor
from 01.01.2004 to 12.31.2004
spacer Distributed Meshed Protection in DWDM Optical Networks in the Presence of Multiple Failures
Corporate Sponsor
from 04.01.2003 to 12.20.2003
spacer Enabling Platforms GRID Computing for Scalable Virtual Organizations
CNIT (Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario Telecomm.)
from 01.01.2003 to 12.31.2005
spacer Traffic Engineering and Differentiated Reliability
Corporate Sponsor
from 01.01.2003 to 12.31.2003
spacer Generic Autonomous Platform for Sensor Systems
National Science Foundation
from 09.01.2002 to 08.31.2005
spacer Advanced Radars and Electro-optical Sensors (ARES)
US Army Space and Missile Defense Command
from 07.01.2002 to 06.30.2003
spacer Meshed Protection/Restoration in WDM Optical Networks with Multiple Failures
Corporate Sponsor
from 06.15.2002 to 12.31.2002
spacer Differentiated Reliability in an Optical Test-bed
OMEGA Testbed Project with CPqD
from 08.01.2001 to 08.31.2004
spacer Differentiated Reliability (DiR) in Multi-Layer Optical Networks
National Science Foundation NSF-CISE
from 01.01.2001 to 12.31.2003
spacer Study and Implementation of the LightRing Architecture in Storage Area Networks
Corporate Sponsor
from 12.18.2000 to 12.18.2001
spacer Network Synthesis
Corporate Sponsor
from 01.01.2000 to 12.31.2000
spacer Optical Pseudo Channels: Using the Optical Layer to Minimize Queuing Delays for Real-Time Traffic
Advance Research Program of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
from 01.01.2000 to 12.31.2002
spacer On Demand Wavelength Routing in Support of Flexible and High Speed Internet
NSF-CISE/ANIR - Postdoctoral Research Associate
from 09.01.1999 to 08.31.2002
spacer Interworking Between Network Layer (IP) and Optical Layer (WDM) in the Next Generation Internet
Corporate Sponsor
from 01.01.1999 to 12.31.1999
spacer Analysis of Optimization Algorithms for Designing Telecommunication Networks
Corporate Sponsor
from 01.01.1998 to 12.31.1998
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